Discover The Amazing Kowloon Park Hong Kong For Real Adventure In Holiday

Kowloon Park in Hong Kong

Holiday in Hong Kong will not be filled with excitements when you do not visit the Kowloon Park Hong Kong. Known as the largest park in Hong Kong with the most scenic panorama, this recreational site covers the area approximately 33 acres and can be reached within 8 minutes walk from the Novotel Hong Kong Nathan Rd. There are so many excitements you can enjoy along with the comfortable atmosphere that will be perfect to relax after the hassle bustle daily routine.

Story behind the Kowloon Park Hong Kong

History reveals that in 1970, Kowloon Park Hong Kong was established as the recreational site where this site used to be the British Military Base. The redevelopment of this Whitfield Barracks costs approximately $300 million dollars that results the astounding place for people to go for vacation. In this today’s world, this area becomes the major interest of the people from all over the world to spend the holiday due to the most beautiful area overlooking the busy harbor.

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If you visit Kowloon Park Hong Kong, you will discover all the things to enjoy dedicated for the adults and youths. Designed with the trees and grass along the paved sidewalks, this recreational site is the best place to have a stroll and to enjoy the fresh atmosphere with the whole family. people who visit this site prefers to come in the morning for jogging, while some others love to enjoy the day at night for the special concerts or agenda in the Piazza.

Enjoyable outdoors activities at Kowloon Park Hong Kong

Since the Kowloon Park Hong Kong is built as a mean of recreational site, locals tend to congregate and take the advantages of the outdoors’ facilities. The rest of the visitors might love to pursuit the quiet situation where they want to enjoy the nature after the stressing work in the office. If you come with kids, you can let them play in the playgrounds and enjoy the activities with the interesting equipments that will minimize the risk of the bruises.

One of equipments which is recommended for the kids under 9 years old is The Discovery Playground that allows the children to climb safely. If you like to play soccer, the Kowloon Park Hong Kong also offers you with the mini football field that will make your holiday more enjoyable. To surprise you, the amazing garden along the paved sideways offers you with the most astonishing panorama that you can capture as the best background of photography.

Thos who damn love doing bird-watching is the best choice if you decide to go Kowloon Park Hong Kong. A wide variety of the aviary and the waterfowl can hold the beautiful species that falls into 140 birds from the 38 species. This site is the perfect place for you to see the indigenous winged beautiful creatures.

As you plan the holiday in Hong Kong, visiting the Kowloon Park Hong Kong is strongly advisable since this site is notable for the amazing panorama of the park. Apart from it, there are so many facilities built special for the visitors to enjoy as they stroll along the paved sideways. It is very interesting to visit as people will experience the difference during the stroll with their families.

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